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Designing advertising folders

What is the design of advertising folders and does it make sense in the Internet age? The answer to the first part of the question depends on how you treat marketing communication in which a folder is one of the basic media. For us it is a fascinating element and a constant opportunity to improve, that’s why for us, designing advertising folders is still a nice thing.

Does it make sense when everything is digitized? Our clients belonging to the leading or at least important companies in their industries, use printed advertising folders. They use new media on a daily basis and it is difficult to accuse them of excessive conservatism, especially for mismanagement. There are situations where a website or a pdf file sent by email does not work as well as a traditional paper folder.

When you want to have a good folder design, use the services of our experienced designers and editors, for whom the design of advertising folders is an opportunity to show off their skills. Our production department will make sure that the project you receive reveals the fullness of its advantages in printing.