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creation of a logotype, visual identification and comprehensive advertising service

data: spring 2017
client: Mayland Real Estate
– distinction in the PRCH Retail Awards competition in the category Opening Campaign of the Shopping Center in 2018.
The task:
creation of a logotype, visual identification of the Serenada shopping center, launching campaign and comprehensive advertising service
project description:
We have won a tender for the new Serenade logo, which is a modern third generation shopping center that offers fashion and entertainment. The combination of these two categories in one character was an inspiring challenge.
Fashion is freedom, elegance, minimalism expressed in a light and modern font, which refers to the delicate drawing of the outwards.
Entertainment is the uniqueness, energy, braw expressed by signet arranged in a sparkling, magical effect.
The basic color of the Serenada brand is bright red, symbolizing energy and passion, while the golden elements of the signet promise the quality of the offer and suggest the extraordinary magic of the place.
In addition, based on the created visual identity, we have prepared a system of infographics center markings.
In addition, we were invited to a tender for comprehensive advertising service of the newest shopping center in Krakow. We used our experience in the commercial real estate market, we tried hard, and even #more and we have won. The open campaign began with the teaser with the slogan: “Let’s be #more open.” Then appeared billboards, press advertisements and radio spots inviting to the opening of the shopping center and positioning the Serenade as #more open shopping center.
During the first three months, we implemented a campaign introducing Serenade to the market, an image campaign, holiday activities campaign, as well as a variety of projects supporting promotions and everyday functioning of the center.
In our day-to-day service, we create advertising materials for all actions that confirm that Serenada cares #more for customers.