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Visual identification

Well-designed and consistently used visual identification is an irreplaceable tool for building the image and market position. In the basic version, visual identification consists of a logo, brand colors and a set of fonts, as well as the rules of using these elements on various media.

In a more complex form, the book of the brand not only ensures the work comfort for the graphic designers, but also can save lives. Literally. Visual identification of, for example, a public utility building should take into account the method of creating the object maps with the marking of escape routes. The degree of complexity of the brand book depends, of course, on the industry and customer needs. Every minute of work put into defining the visual identity means hours, days, and sometimes also months of work saved in the future.

To create a visual identity, you need not only artistic talent, but also advertising experience and the ability to predict problems and solve them before they appear. Plastic, spatial and technological imagination, is a must. Every visual identification is a multi-purpose work of art and this is just right challenge for our agency.